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When using  the Orsinus Ultrasound device, the medical process is made simple.

The process from diagnosis to required treatment is streamlined and contains no unnecessary or unclear steps. This creates a safe, effective  and professional medical consultation situation for both the patient and the physician.

  • Immediate result

  • Easy to analyse 

  • Clear indication of result

Clear Analysis
Available For All
  • Affordable purchase price

  • Small size of device

  • Available globally

Shorter Patient Time
  • Scan with Orsinus only 30-60s

  • Less time needed for diagnosis

  • Reduces time with single patient

  • Device affortable to purchase 

  • Cost per use is low

  • Expenses not transferred to patient

Inexpensive Treatment
  • Eliminates unnecessary prescriptions

  • Up to 50% reduction

  • Certainty to not prescribe

Reduced Prescriptions
  • No unnecessary prescriptions

  • Personal antibiotic resistance not increased

  • Antibiotics sustain their functionality

Slowing of Antibiotic Resistance
  • Only used externally

  • Does not damage skin

  • Painless examination method

Non-Invasive Method
  • Device always accessible

  • Scan time oly 30-60s

  • Device easy to use

Quick Examination

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Scanning Maxillary Sinus

Result Air


Video Library

Scanning Frontal Sinus

Result Air


Scanning Frontal Sinus

Result Fluid


Scanning Maxillary Sinus

Result Fluid


 The Orsinus™ video library contains instructional videos about the use of the device as well as analyzing the results. 

Ultrasound Sensor

Sensitive ultrasound probe sends an echo determining the presence of fluid in the cavity

Ergonomic Design

The shape of the device is designed to fit every user both right or left handed

USB-C Connection

 Universally used USB-C port can be used to transfer data or charging the device

OLED Screen

The bright OLED screen displays the diagnostics and result clearly.

Easy To Use Buttons

Clearly labeled buttons make the use of the device easy and intuitive.

Bluetooth Connection

Wireless transferring of data can be done by using Bluetooth connection

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