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"We believe that modern, easy-to-use and affordable diagnostic tools should be available for all healthcare providers regardless of the location or setting."

Elias Revonta

CEO & Founder

Sinusitis Definition

The definition of sinusitis often varies by source. Some sources state that the inflammation of the tissue in the sinuses. This alone does not suffice as sinusitis that 

Clearing The Misconseption

Inflammation of the sinus tissues alone does not qualify as sinusitis. Fluid build up within the sinus is a strong indicator of sinusitis. Antibiotic treatment depends whether the infection is caused by a virus or bacteria. 

The Solution

With Orsinus you are able to detect or exclude the presence of fluid within the cavity. A clear sinus indicates that no antibiotic treatment is needed. If fluid scan detects fluid, there is a strong possibility of sinusitis and further action is required.

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