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Our proprietary mobile app supports your use of Orsinus every step of the way.

The Orsinus mobile app makes it easy to review the results of previous examinations.

Examination Results

In the online shop you are able to purchase everything regarding Orsinus and its accessory products.

Online Shop

Offers 24/7 technical support using a chat feature. Our support also provides contact through FAQ and live chat.

Customer Support

Offers a data transfer ability from the device to a smartphone or a computer using a wired or wireless connection.

Data Transfer

Has a secure cloud based storage solution with a user friendly interface for all relevant device and examination data.

Cloud Storage

Informative library of tutorial videos ranging from quick guides to more

in-depth training videos .

Video Library

Features & Benefits 

Orsinus paired with the app brings simplicity and clarity at your fingertips.

Using the app, you can view your examination results, watch educational videos on how to use Orsinus, contact support and make purchases in our online store.

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